What does equality and inclusion mean?

Karma Mobility is a leading UK supplier of lightweight wheelchairs and other mobility aids. We believe in equality and inclusion for everyone including people who, temporarily or permanently, face mobility issues.

Equality and inclusion means that, even when you cannot physically do the same things as the majority of the population, you can still enjoy the same quality of life and participate in the same things. This sometimes requires a certain amount of adaptation but with the right mobility aid, like lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility, you will find this much easier.

Around the home

Your home should be your haven and your mobility aid needs to fit into your domestic lifestyle. If you have a smaller space, you might look at lightweight wheelchairs that fold away for easy storage, for example. You can also look at getting adaptations such as ramps, lowered sides, cupboards with special pull-down shelving or any number of other clever innovations.

Sports and exercise

Most people today will have heard of the Paralympics. It shows the level at which people with disabilities can compete.

Even if your ambitions don’t stretch quite that far, you can still consider sports for socialising and keeping fit. It is vital that you still exercise as much as everyone else to keep your body healthy. It’s also great for your mood too.

Self-propel, lightweight wheelchairs can help to keep you active. Karma Mobility have some ultra-lightweight models to help reduce the weight you have to move around when you’re active.


Your shopping experience needs to be smooth and easy as it is something you will do often. If you can do it without assistance, this can really help you to feel independent.

Transporting your lightweight wheelchair may be possible without special adaptations to your vehicle depending on your level of mobility. If you can lift your chair into a car, many models from Karma Mobility allow you to fold them down to make this possible.

Once you are at the shops, there are usually disabled bays, wheelchair-adapted trolleys and staff on hand for any hard to reach items. Some supermarkets even have scooters available to make your shopping experience easier.


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