Powerchairs – looking at some of the different types

By definition, a powerchair is one that offers some sort of electrical and mechanical propulsion support. If you are looking for a powerchair from Karma Mobility, it is likely that you want to experience ease of movement without having to self-propel. Getting a powerchair means that you are able to move yourself around using a joystick control, in most cases.

When you have decided that you want to get a powerchair, Karma Mobility offers several types for you to choose from. This means you can meet more specific needs through your choice of model.

Folding powerchairs

If you want a powerchair that folds, the chances are that either you want to be able to store it at home when you’re not using it or you want to be able to easily transport it. Folding powerchairs can often fit in an ordinary car. If you cannot lift your chair by yourself, you may be able to have a winch fitted to your car that helps you get it into the body of the car or into a roof box.

Karma Mobility have folding powerchair models that have a lot of extra functionality to enhance your experience.

Standing powerchairs

If you cannot easily get up from a chair, you may also need assistance getting out of your powerchair. A standing powerchair helps to lift you into an upright position. The model we carry at Karma Mobility also has flip-up arms and footplates to ensure that no part of the chair gets in your way while you are manoeuvring yourself about.

Mid and rear-wheel drive powerchairs

It is important to assess what kind of base configuration your powerchair has. This will tell you if it is mid, rear or front-wheel drive. The most common configurations are mid and rear-wheel.

A mid-wheel drive powerchair has a smaller footprint than its rear-wheel counterpart. This means that it can be used more easily indoors or where there isn’t much space.

Rear-wheel drive is great if you intend to get out and about frequently. It offers greater speed and stability as well as the ability to tackle inclines with ease.


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