Seeing the world as a wheelchair user

When you are a wheelchair user, the world can look a little different. Simple things, like the height of the bar in a pub or the level of the cash machine, can make a big difference. More consideration is given to accessibility than ever before but it is still worth thinking about how lightweight wheelchairs change your perspective.

The right equipment can help you to meet the challenges of the world. Karma Mobility is committed to offering clients a wide range of lightweight wheelchairs, powerchairs and accessories to make this more likely.

What are some of the main obstacles in the wider world?

Even in your home, you can experience some difficulties and you can check out some of our other articles where we talk exclusively about this. Today, we are looking at challenges in the world when you are using a lightweight wheelchair:

  • Terrain – perhaps one of the biggest challenges facing people who choose lightweight wheelchairs is the terrain. If you regularly go long distances or over particularly bumpy ground, you may wish to consider a powerchair as these are designed to help you tackle such things;
  • Stairs – in order to avoid places where stairs are an issue, a bit of planning is usually required. Most shops and other establishments are required to provide access options for disabled people unless they have an exemption. However, if you want to travel on the underground, for example, you will have to do research beforehand to see which stations are step-free;
  • Distance – even in a shopping centre where the ground is relatively level, you may not want to travel great distances. This is where disabled parking spaces come in handy. If you do not already have a blue badge, it is worth investigating whether you are entitled to one.

Karma Mobility supply ultra-lightweight wheelchairs, self-propel models and those that are designed to be pushed by someone else. All of these can help to make your journey, and your interaction with the world, easier. Think about the places you usually go, your transport options and your physical needs and then browse our range to see how one of our mobility aids can help.


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