Using your powerchair to get about – a quick guide to pavements

Powerchairs are for anyone who needs to supercharge their travel around the world, even when they have mobility challenges. When you get a powerchair from Karma Mobility, we hope that it will enhance your life and offer you back many of the freedoms you may have thought were lost.

The world and its various terrain types might seem a little tricky when you first start using powerchairs but, as soon as you gain confidence, gather information and learn a few tricks, you’ll feel ready to tackle anything again.

Today, we will look specifically at the different challenges that need to be taken into account when it comes to powerchairs and pavements.


Karma Mobility recommends that you use the pavement for your powerchair as much as possible. It may be easier to do this in some areas than in others. The following factors are common considerations that people have to take into account when using powerchairs:

  • Kerb height – many areas will have dropped kerbs that you can manoeuvre to in order to cross the road. Some powerchairs will tackle small kerbs quite easily without any lack of stability. If you think you need more dropped kerbs in your area, you can write to your local council and they should respond positively;
  • Pavement width – travelling along in your powerchair, you may sometimes find that your equipment takes up the whole pavement. Some users find this to be a potential embarrassment which can prevent them from going to certain places. It is important to remember that everyone has differences that need to be accommodated and the vast majority of people are kind, considerate and happy to wait for their turn to use the pavement. You have every right to enjoy the freedoms that other people in the world may take for granted;

Transport links – in between you and your destination there may be long stretches where there is no pavement or perhaps the distance is too far to consider, even with your powerchair. In this case, you may need to investigate other forms of transport to get you from A to B so you can finally reach C. Check out some of our other articles on transportation and wheelchair use.


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