Top five considerations when choosing powerchairs

A powerchair can make a big difference in your life. In order to ensure that you have the right facilities and preparation to enjoy your powerchair from Karma Mobility, we have put together this guide to the top considerations that you need to think about when choosing your powerchair.


When you look around your living accommodation, do you feel like you will be able to move a powerchair around in it? Many people use a powerchair when they are out and about and have a lightweight wheelchair for use at home. If you definitely need motorised mobility assistance around the home and you do not think your house is currently suitable, you may need to think about adaptations or perhaps even relocation in the long term.


Powered chairs can be quite large and they often have static frames, which means that they cannot be folded down and stowed away. If you have a spare room, this might be the ideal place to keep your powerchair. If not, you need to consider whether it will be possible to store it somewhere else in the house or outdoors.


Powerchairs require charging. Most people find it convenient to do this overnight. If there is no source of power close to your storage facility, you may need to ensure that your powerchair has batteries that are easy to remove and transport.


Most vehicles will require some adaptation in order to be able to easily transport powerchairs. This might include a ramp or the removal of a seat. If your vehicle requires adaptation or you think you will need a bigger vehicle to transport your powerchair, a charity like Motability may be able to help with this.


Powerchairs generally cost more than standard wheelchairs. This is because they require more engineering and are usually larger. However, the benefits they can offer some users in terms of independence and mobility are invaluable. If you would like to consider a powerchair, but are worried about the cost, talk to a local supplier of Karma Mobility products. They will be able to show you models in various price ranges and perhaps offer advice on local and national sources of funding.


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