Pick and choose

Having the right wheelchair that matches your needs can make all the difference to your quality of life and at Karma Mobility, the UK’s leading wheelchair sales specialists, we have a wide range of powerchairs and lightweight chairs for you to choose from, as well as wheelchair accessories that you can pick and choose from to make your wheelchair work best for you.

Karma Mobility is the exclusive UK agent of Karma wheelchairs and wheelchair accessories, and we have stores all over the country. You can find your nearest Karma Mobility stockist by going to our ‘find a stockist’ page.

You can even register your wheelchair with us and receive all the latest updates on it, such as new accessories, and other ways to enhance your wheelchair.


These are just right for you if you have limited mobility. The battery-powered motor will help you cover greater distances and more difficult terrain without needing anyone’s help.

A good powerchair needs to be your like favourite armchair – so comfy that you can sit in it for as long as you like, which is why all our powerchairs have soft feeling coverings.

These chairs let you do life more easily, whether it’s going shopping, taking the dog or the kids out, going out socialising, or just having a regular day. You can customise your powerchair to make it fit your needs, with moveable armrests wider or narrower seats, a third-party back rest and the right joystick to suit you. Choose add-ons, such as back bags, drinks holders and footrests to make living just that bit smoother.

Lightweight chairs

A lightweight wheelchair lets you have your independence and choice. You can propel yourself along, or be moved by a carer. All of our lightweight wheelchairs can be folded up to go in the car, and can be stored away easily if you need this chair for more intermittent use. We have a wide variety of styles in a choice of sizes, so there’s bound to be at least a couple that would be great for you.


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