More practical, versatile wheelchairs with Karma Mobility

Here at Karma Mobility, we aim to provide wheelchairs that may have more practical elements than wheelchairs in the past. Many of our wheelchairs are foldable, making them easier to travel with, giving you your independence around the world.

For the ultimate independence, electrical powered wheelchairs provide you with complete control of where you are going, making living an independent lifestyle possible for wheelchair users.

Our lightweight wheelchairs are also available in foldable form, making them vastly more practical than a wheelchair that cannot be folded or packed away.

Modern solutions to age-old problems

There are lots of problems that can affect your way of life as a wheelchair user. Some of these problems need changes to happen in the environments around us, such as more disabled toilets and ramps for improved access. However other problems can be solved with the right kind of wheelchair and wheelchair accessories. For example, shopping can be made difficult as there sometimes is nowhere to put items when on the move.

Here at Karma mobility we offer a wide range of solutions to some of the problems facing wheelchair users. We offer bags that can attach to the back of your seat or under your seat that can be used to store many items. These bags are available for our powerchairs and our lightweight wheelchairs.

We also offer solutions to keep you safer and more secure when using your wheelchair. Confidence is key when using your wheelchair and we provide a range of belts and straps that can help you feel confident and in control.

Our range of powerchairs

No matter your size or shape, we offer a powerchair that can give you back your independence. The beauty of the powerchair is that you can be in control 100% of the time, allowing you to live your life the way you want to.

Our powerchairs work with the help of strong batteries that can give you a lot of time to go about your daily business.

For those who may not have the use of their arms or hands, our powerchairs can be controlled using other body parts. With powerchairs, not much can get in the way of your independence, a right that every person should have access to.




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