Travel easily with lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility

Here at the UK’s leading wheelchair specialists, Karma Mobility, we believe that having to use a wheelchair shouldn’t change any of your aspirations.

We believe this firmly when it comes time to travel. Travelling is something in many people’s lives that is very important and a source of much joy. We have tried to provide lightweight wheelchairs that make this much more practical for wheelchair users.

No matter your size or shape, we are confident that we will be able to provide a lightweight wheelchair for you. All of our manual lightweight wheelchairs are also foldable, making them much easier to manage when it comes to travelling.

Accessories for success

When travelling you’ll need the extra practicality, safety and security that our accessories can provide. A must-have when travelling is a bag to protect your chair when it’s folded away.

We offer a bag with easy-to-grab handles that will protect your chair from any potential damage. These bags are also great if you only have to use your chair intermittently, protecting it when it’s stored away.

Another great solution we offer is our range of bags that attach to our lightweight wheelchairs, bringing a whole new realm of practicality and storage to your chair. We offer bags that attach to the back of your backrest and the underside of your seat frame.

Both bags combined can be utilised to carry lots of items you may need when travelling or going about your daily business.

To boost your confidence by adding an extra layer of security when using your wheelchair, we offer a wide range of belts and straps that can be used to keep you in place in your wheelchair. Confidence is key when using your wheelchair.

Lightweight wheelchairs: giving you back your independence

The lightweight design of our wheelchairs adds to your independence by being easier to manage. It also is helpful when loading your wheelchair into any mode of transport you wish to take.

Our wheelchairs are designed to either be self-propelled or managed by a carer, giving you the ability to go where you like, when you like.



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