Lightweight wheelchairs from Karma Mobility

Our lightweight wheelchairs can truly change the life of a wheelchair user. They are designed to either be self-propelled or managed by a carer when needed. The most important reason for using a wheelchair is getting back independence. With our wheelchairs, you’ll be able to come and go at your choosing.

We believe that independence is a right that everybody should be able to have, in a wheelchair or out of one. Our lightweight wheelchairs are designed to be more practical than more traditional wheelchairs, increasing the amount of independence available to the wheelchair user.

Travelling is easier with our wheelchairs

All of our manual lightweight wheelchairs have foldable frames. This is a huge bonus when travelling by car, bus, train and even plane. Put simply, our wheelchairs aren’t such a hassle to transport, whatever mode of travel you choose.

These wheelchairs are also a great choice if you only need your chair intermittently, enabling them to be stored more easily. We also offer a bag to protect your chair when not in use. The bag also makes lifting and moving your chair easier.

The lightweight design of our wheelchairs also makes logistics more manageable.

Practical solutions to wheelchair woes

We provide a wide range of accessories that can help solve issues that you may have with wheelchair use.

One practical type of accessory are the bags we provide for your wheelchair. These bags attach to either to the frame underneath your seat or the back of your backrest. Both bags have a large capacity and can make a huge difference when going about your daily life.

All of our wheelchairs also can be accessorised to make them more comfortable and more secure than ever.

We understand that the circumstances that lead you to seek mobility assistance can affect other parts of your body, requiring them to be supported. For this we supply a range of belts and straps to make you feel comfortable and secure while using your chair.

We believe that being in a wheelchair shouldn’t change any of your aspirations and we strive to find solutions to problems wheelchair users have had to put up with in the past.


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