Adapting your home using powerchairs

Being in a wheelchair can make you look at your space in a different way. With powerchairs from Karma Mobility, we hope that it will give you the freedom to enjoy life in all the ways that you want to. It helps you adapt to your mobility challenges.

Teaming our equipment up with adaptations to your home means that you soon learn new techniques for achieving everyday tasks so that they become seamless parts of your life again.

Getting into your home

You can get powerchairs from Karma Mobility that are designed for indoor and outdoor use. If you do not live on the ground floor, the building you live in needs to have some way for you to tackle the stairs. Lifts and stair lifts are popular choices. If this is not possible, you may need to consider a move to a property that is more able to meet your needs. A ground floor property allows you to install a ramp with rails to help you, if required.

The kitchen

There are numerous ways that your kitchen can be adapted to allow for use with powerchairs from Karma Mobility. For example, you may have slide out shelves to make accessing items at the back much easier. Lowered work surfaces and sinks allow better access and you may choose to have some areas where there is space beneath the work surface to allow you to get closer to the side.

You can talk to experts before planning your kitchen and check message boards and websites online to get feedback from real people about their experience of designing and using an accessible kitchen. Please bear in mind aslo that some of of our powerchairs have a seat raise option to allow you to reach cupboards etc.

The bathroom

In the bathroom, and many other areas of the house, grab rails and hand holds can make all the difference. Correctly positioned, they ensure you can access the toilet and washing facilities from your powerchair. You may also want to consider a walk-in bath or shower seat so you can remain seated while you wash. All of these adaptations contribute to your ability to live independently.

You may choose to use different types of wheelchair in the various areas of your house. Karma Mobility can help you find the right tool for the job in each case.


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