Why might you need a tilt-in-space wheelchair?

With our lightweight wheelchairs, Karma Mobility try to meet the needs of as many clients as possible. Some of our chairs are designed to be easy to transport so our focus is on reducing size and weight. Users of other lightweight wheelchairs might want to use their mobility aid for outdoors or rigorous activity. We offer chairs with larger wheels, wider castors and other features to help them achieve this.

Karma Mobility also offers tilt-in-space models. These are designed with specific needs in mind, which are discussed below.

Your first port of call for understanding your mobility needs is your healthcare professional. They can provide expert advice on the challenges you are likely to face and suggest features that might help to meet them. Once you know what qualities you are looking for, you can browse the Karma Mobility range of lightweight wheelchairs for a model that fits.

What does tilt-in-space mean?

Tilt-in-space chairs are designed to move the body around and change the angle of the limbs and torso of the user. Generally speaking, the hips, ankles, and knees stay in the same position and weight is redistributed through the posterior thighs, buttocks, and torso. You can check the capabilities of the various models to find out the angle of tilt.

Why is tilt-in-space important?

Sitting in one place, in one position, for long periods of time can become uncomfortable for the user. This is particularly the case for people who do not have full range of motion in their upper body. Lightweight wheelchairs with tilt-in-space assist with change of position and increase comfort level. Posture is important for everyone, including wheelchair users, and tilt-in-space helps to maintain good alignment.

The right wheelchair functionality can also help to achieve a good relationship with external devices such as switches, computers or steering aids. This is vital if you rely on these mechanisms to move around or work. Karma Mobility supplies tilt systems to ensure that you are getting the maximum benefit from your equipment at all times.

Why use a lightweight model?

At Karma Mobility, we pay attention to manoeuvrability and transport capabilities because we know that lightweight wheelchairs mean greater freedom for you. That’s why we have tilt-in-space models that fold down easily and weigh as little as 14.7 kg.


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