Local, national and international travel with your powerchair

Travel is an important part of independent life, whether to the shops or further afield. If you are looking for versatile manoeuvrability that does not require anyone else to help you, powerchairs could be for you. With a little adaptation and some planning, you can go nearly anywhere with your Karma Mobility equipment.


Karma Mobility powerchairs can be used for trips to the shops or a jaunt just for pleasure. Some models are able to tackle kerbs although it is usually easier to plan a route that includes dropped kerbs. People sometimes use Google street view to help with this.

The speed of your powerchair is used to determine whether or not you can go on roads. If your top velocity is 4mph, stick to pavements. If you can go 8mph, you can choose between pavements or local roads with a few restrictions.


To travel around the country, you may be able to use your car or you might choose public transport.

If you want your vehicle to be adapted for transportation of powered wheelchairs, there could be funding available to help with this. You might be eligible for a new vehicle that is more suited to your needs from somewhere like Motability.

Visit the websites of any public transport that you wish to use such as trains, buses or tubes. There will usually be a section dedicated to detailing the accessible options for disabled users.


You may think that air travel is a thing of the past if you need to use a powerchair. On the contrary, many airlines have high levels of support for people with mobility issues. Shop around for those that have plenty of guidance. You may be able to get disabled assistance at the airport such as having your powerchair brought to a gate. It is important to plan in advance and let your flight provider know, so that you can get the assistance you need.

When it comes to using your powerchair in other countries, ensure that you have the right adaptor to allow you to charge the batteries. Also, if you are concerned about terrain in the local area, check with the local tourist board or even the accommodation you plan to use to get their advice.



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