Customising your lightweight wheelchair

Part of adapting to using a lightweight wheelchair is accessorising it to ensure maximum comfort and convenience. At Karma Mobility, we have a range of products that you can use with your mobility aid to help you adjust. Some of them you will want to get straight away so that you are immediately supported but you can add others as the need arises.


Basic lightweight wheelchairs can be modified to suit many different body shapes and sizes. You can get extra leg or arm support, wider seat widths, and footrests. Consider the amount of time you might be spending in your chair and think about how comfortable you want to be. If you need head and/or back support, that’s available too.

Talk to your GP or healthcare worker if you are unsure about what add-ons you might need. They can advise you about common needs and solutions to issues that many wheelchair users encounter.


The key to a good relationship with your lightweight wheelchair is ensuring that it supports your life in the way that it needs to. With some of our accessories, you can experience benefits that surpass your everyday expectations. For example, you can always have storage with you if you purchase one of our back bags or nets. Not only can these keep the things you need within handy reach, they can also help you with shopping or performing household tasks.

If you are finding something tricky, think that an adaptation to your lightweight wheelchair might help and cannot find what you are looking for, talk to one of our friendly team or your local stockist for further advice.

Other accessories

At Karma Mobility, we have plenty of accessories for lightweight wheelchairs to help you with the day-to-day experiences of life.

You can get a tray to use with your lightweight wheelchair or a drinks holder so you have all you need around you without having to move around every time you want something.

We also have add-ons for lightweight wheelchairs to support the medical equipment you need as well. These include an IV bag holder and a mount for an oxygen tank. Whatever equipment you need to help you feel better, adaptations to your wheelchair can help.


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