An active life with your lightweight wheelchair

Enjoying a full and active life does not need to stop because you have to spend some or all of your time in a wheelchair. With the right equipment from Karma Mobility and a little adaptation, you can participate in many of the activities you love or try some new ones.

We offer a wide range of wheelchairs that all have particular qualities aimed at helping you to live your life to the full. Today we will focus on our lightweight wheelchairs and the benefits they can offer you.


As the name suggests, lightweight wheelchairs are made from materials that mean they are a more manageable weight that other options. Some are less than 15kg and can be lifted easily into the boot of a vehicle. There are models with solid frames that are ultra-light and others that are collapsible for ease of storage.

Having a lightweight wheelchair can help you to adapt to life with a mobility aid because it is easy to manage and transport autonomously.


Many of our lightweight wheelchairs have large back wheels with additional pieces of frame on the outside. These are where you grip to propel the wheelchair by yourself. One of the first things that many people are concerned about when they realise they need a wheelchair is the potential loss of independence. With a self-propelled option, you can still move around by yourself and make choices without needing to turn to anyone else.


The recommended level of weekly activity for someone in a wheelchair is the same as for anyone else. That’s 150 minutes of aerobic activity and two strength sessions per week. Even if you do not think you could hit this level straight away, it is something to aim for. If you have a lightweight wheelchair, it should make activities like visiting the gym easier. There are team sports that are regularly played by wheelchair users. Check with your local leisure centre or online for groups near you.

Whatever activity you want to participate in, Karma Mobility can help you do it. Talk to your local stockist of Karma Mobility products about the option that is right for you. They can advise you on the capabilities of each model and you can test them out for yourself.


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