Best Accessible Attractions in London

When it comes to trying to see all that there is that London has to offer to travellers, a disability might present a struggle, depending on the places that you are attempting to experience. However, there are plenty of places in London that are a true pleasure to see and experience, which are accessible to those with a disability. In order to plan a stress-free trip where you won’t run into a lot of hassle as the result of a disability, there are plenty of places you can go to that cater to those with special requirements. Check out some of the locations on the following list and consider adding them to your itinerary:


  • British Museum: Check out this world-famous museum and see some famous relics from across the world, at nearly any point in history! You can view the Rosetta Stone, sculptures from the Parthenon, and mummies from Ancient Egypt. It is free to come to the museum, although some exhibits will require the purchase of a ticket. Some accessible features of this attraction include free parking for those with a blue badge, exhibits with audio description, and lifts throughout the building. Check out their website for more information to ensure they will be able to accommodate your needs!


  • ZSL London Zoo: This is a zoo that strives to allow people in any condition to enjoy the visitor facilities and animal exhibits they have on display. The majority of the zoo is wheelchair accessible, and caters to those with restricted mobility. However, dogs are not permitted inside the zoo; if this affects you, consider getting in touch with the zoo in advance in order to arrange an alternative.


  • Wembley Stadium: This stadium has been built to the highest standards, in order to allow people with all sorts of needs to enjoy a sporting event here. Featuring level access to enter the stadium, a staff trained in disability and equality, fixed hearing loops, and well-lit areas for the customers, it should be easy to enjoy a sporting event with your favourite team at Wembley Stadium.


  • Buckingham Palace: When visiting London, Buckingham Palace is an absolute must-see! One of the few working royal places the world has left, the attraction is also highly accessible. It features lifts, wheelchairs free of charge to use, and hearing loops. Just keep in mind, if you plan on utilising the free wheel chairs, it is requested that you pre-book to ensure that proper arrangements can be made for you ahead of time!


  • Westminster Abbey: A truly beautiful sight to take in, this protected Gothic building has undergone reasonable adjustments to make it accessible to those who have mobility requirements. Furthermore, the Abbey features a fixed hearing loop, and the attraction offers touch tours to those who have sensory impairments. This is definitely a worthwhile attraction to visit while in London!


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