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Karma Mobility Wheelchairs

Karma Mobility is the exclusive UK agent of Karma lightweight wheelchairs, power chairs and wheelchair accessories. Innovative design, state of the art technology and lightweight, robust materials give Karma products their outstanding reliability and quality ensuring comfort, confidence and independence for all users.

The comprehensive range of Karma products offers mobility solutions for a wide variety of requirements giving choice and control to end users. We strongly recommend you seek advice and have an assessment before purchasing a wheelchair or powerchair.

If you are looking to purchase a brand new wheelchair from a reputable supplier with years of unrivalled experience then Karma Mobility are quite simply the best choice you could possibly make. As the UK’s leading wheelchair sale specialists, we are able to offer a remarkable selection of lightweight wheel chair units ranging from self-propelled wheelchairs and transit wheelchairs through to the very latest power wheelchairs. Whether you are in search of a lightweight folding wheelchair that will easily fit in the boot of the car so that you can go on day trips with your partner or carer, or you are looking to rediscover your sense of individual freedom with a stylish yet comfortable electric wheelchair, we can help you to make the most reliably informed decision based on your very own specific needs, requirements and preferences. Our extensive range of competitively priced wheelchairs are constructed to the highest of standards to ensure maximum comfort and unmatched ease of use.

Electric Wheelchairs & Folding Wheelchairs from Karma Mobility

If you find it difficult to get around in a self-propelled wheelchair and you would rather get around under your own steam without the constant need for assistance then the electric wheelchairs that are featured on our website will provide you with a new lease of freedom. Our highly affordable, lightweight electric wheelchairs are the perfect choice for shopping trips, visiting friends and engaging in other social activities without the need for a carer or assistant. At Karma Mobility, we are able to provide a diverse choice of electric wheelchair makes and models which are exceptionally stylish and incredibly comfortable whilst offering unrivalled ease of use in any given situation.

The folding wheelchairs that are featured on our website are manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure superior comfort, unrivalled performance and remarkable ease of use and they have been designed to be used with or without the additional help a care assistant depending on your circumstances and the severity of your disability. Making the right choice is of paramount of importance when it comes to investing in a folding wheelchair for the first time which is why we always strive to ensure that our customers are given the best available advice before making an informed purchase based on their individual needs and requirements.

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Powerchairs & Lightweight Wheelchairs

Karma Mobility are the UK’s leading choice for stylish yet highly practical powerchairs and we are able to offer an unrivalled selection of premium quality makes and models at exceptionally low prices. The powerchairs that are featured on our website are designed with total comfort in mind and they are manufactured to the highest of standards to ensure maximum reliability and incredible ease of use. If you are looking to rediscover your independence then let our qualified team put your mind at rest by helping you make the right decision based on your individual needs, preferences and requirements.

Karma Mobility are able to offer an extensive choice of high quality, lightweight wheelchairs which are incredibly modern and exceptionally practical. The lightweight wheelchairs that are featured on our website are constructed from aircraft grade aluminium to ensure unrivalled strength and incredibly easy handling. Whether you are in search of a foldable self-propelled wheelchair, an assisted transit chair or a motorised powerchair, we can provide the most durable and cost effective solution based on your individual needs and requirements. We also offer a wide range of accessories which have been designed to make life as a wheelchair user much more convenient.

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